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The State Judicial Service Commission was establish pursuant to the provision of Section 197 (1) (C) of the 1999 Constitution.

Its functions are appointment, promotion and disciplinary control over Judicial Officers and their support staff.

In case of Judges of the High Bench i.e. the Chief Judge, High Court Judges, Grand Kadi and Kadis of the Shari' a Court of Appeal of the State the Commission recommends their discipline and appointment to the National Judicial Council.

As for the Chief Registrars, Lower Court Judges i.e. Magistrates, Shari'a Alkalis, other court support staff and staff of the Judicial Service Commission including its Secretary the Commission ,has direct powers to appoint, dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over them.

Accordingly therefore the functions of the Commission are specifically spelt out at part II of the third Schedule to the 1999 Constitution as follows: - the Commission shall have power to: -

Advise the National Judicial Council on the suitable persons for nomination to the office of:

Subject to provisions of the 1999 Constitution, to recommend to the National Judicial Council the removal from office of the Judicial officers specified in sub ­paragraph (a) of this paragraph; and

To appoint, dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over the Chief Registrars and Deputy Chief Registrars of the High Court, the Chief Registrars of the Shari' a Court of Appeal and Customary Court of Appeal, Magistrates, Judges and Members of Area Courts (now Shari' a Courts) and all other members of the staff of the Judicial Service of the State not otherwise specified in the Constitution"

The membership of the Judicial Service Commission consists of the following:

By the import of the law establishing the commission, the membership of the commission is not limited to the list aforementioned. The current members’ of the commission are:

The first three members in the list are the ex-officio members and the rest are the non ex officio members.


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Judicial Service Commission, High Court complex, 3 arm zone, Dutse.