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Achievements from 29th of May, 2015 to 29th of May 2016 in respect of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service: STRUCTURE: The Office of the Head of the Civil is currently structured into three Directorates with each headed by a Permanent Secretary, namely- • Establishment and Management Services • Manpower Development and Training • Salary and Pension Details of their achievements during the period are stated below:- ACHIEVEMENTS: 1/. The Directorate of Establishments and Management Services Matters was able to record the following achievements of the Government from 29th May, 2015 to 29th May, 2016.  Granted clearance for promotion of two hundred and forty – five (245) of senior officers from grade level 12 & above across the MDAs;  Granted clearance for recruitment of eighteen (18) Lecturers of Sule Lamido University, K/Hausa and four (4) for Rasheed Shekoni Specialist Hospital, Dutse totaling of 22 number  Granted for clearance for transfer of service of forty – three (43) officers to various MDAs;  Granted clearance for the secondment of twenty – three (23) officers to assorted service including International Donor Agencies;  Granted clearance for leave of absent of nine (9) officers to take appointment with other service of public interest or to pursue courses within and outside the Country;  Granted clearance for renewal of contract re-engagement of two hundred and fourteen (214) contract officers serving in the State MDAs particularly at the Ministry of health and Ministry of Education, Science & Technology. 2/. Directorate of Manpower Development and Training recorded the following achievements:- • Sponsored 470 civil servants across all MDAs to undergo in-service training in various field locally and overseas; • Sponsored 48 civil servants across all MDAs to undergo oversea in-service training in various field; • Sponsored 34 Medical Doctors on Houseman ship to undergo residency training at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital. • Commissioned Kaduna Polytechnic to conduct Civil Service Examination to 67 Civil Servants across the MDAs with the view of improving their capacity. • Organized advance and middle cadre financial management course phase III & IV to 60 staff for the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning ; 2/. Directorate of Salary & Pension Admin recorded the following achievements:-  Payment of salary and allowances between May, 2015 to April, 2016 to the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative amounting to N21,401,192,237.15;  Payment of Salary and allowances between June,2015 to April, 2016 to the Local Government, Local Education Authority is totaling of N20,389,867,432.96;  Payment of Office of the Auditor General, Ministry for Local Government, five (5) Emirate Councils and Local Government Service Commission totaling of N289,867,354.01;  Disbursement of four hundred and ninety – four million, eight hundred and ninety - three thousand, eight hundred and twenty – two naira, thirty kobo only (N494,893,822.30) as vehicle loans, refurbishing, motorcycle, bicycle by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning to 1,807 Civil Servants and other Government Official; 3/. Payment of Pension and Gratuity:  Payment of monthly pension allowance to local government pensioners from June 2015 to April, 2016 amounting to N1,012,189,973.00;  Payment of retirement and death benefits from June 2015 to April, 2016 amounting to N65,454,630.00;  Savings from payment of salaries and allowance amounting to N74,861,171.52;  The sum of N17,320,577,021.39 to the 10nos. Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs);  The sum of N3,531,089,698.78 was collected and remitted to the lead Pension Fund Administrators being 17% and & 8% employer/employee contribution;  The sum of N3,370,911,846.23 was paid as terminal benefits (retirement & death);  The sum of N10,707,903.66 was refund as 8% contribution to those left the service but did not contribute to the scheme for up to a minimum period of five years;