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The Ministry of Environment consists of six departments with two agencies. Prior to inception of the present administration in May, 2007, there were three ministries related to Environment in Jigawa State. These are;

1.            Ministry of Gum Arabic and Art - fact

2.            Ministry of Flood and Erosion Control

3.            Ministry of Shelterbelt and Erosion Control

However in September, 2007 these three ministries were merged and called Ministry of Environment. It was established to carry out the following functions.

a.    Ensure sustainable development of the Environment of the State.

b.    Ensure a qualitative and healthy environment thereby ensuring the well being of the people of Jigawa State.

c.    Conserve and use the environment and the natural resources for the benefit of the people of the State.

d.    Cooperate and collaborate with the federal, Local Governments and non-Governmental organizations, private sector and individuals on environmental matters.

e.    conserve, protect and enhance the environment, the ecosystem and ecological processes essential for the preservation of biological diversity

f.     Control and monitor all forms of environmental degradation from Agricultural, industrial and Governmental generation.

g.    Ensure that forestry Laws and Regulations control and protect the State forest.

h.    Ensure sustainable management of the forest to meet economic, social and ecological needs of the people of the state.



1.      Permanent Secretary

2.      Admin and Finance: Name - Lawan Musa Nadada

3.      Planning Research & Statistic: Name - Alhaji M. Garba

4.      Forestry Department: Name - Umar Idris Giginya

5.      Wild Life Conservation: Name - Tafida Mohammed Hassan

6.      Environmental Engineering: Name - Abdullahi Mohd





1.      In Charge of general administration of the ministry

2.      Financial control of the ministry

3.      Staff promotions and discipline


1.      program budget formulation and target setting

2.      Projects performance monitoring and evaluation

3.      Arrangement of technical meeting between the ministry and other agencies

4.      Liaison with other bodies directly connected with environmental maters

5.      Secretariat of ministerial tenders board.

6.      Collection of research result (publication natural and international sources on technical subjects that are of relevance to the environment

7.      Develop and maintain library services to serve the needs of the various technical I Non-technical departments and agencies of the ministry.

8.      Preparation of technical report for External and Internal use. Co-ordinate the organization of specialized studies on relevant environmental issues.

9.      Develop and conduct in house training

10.  Produce information packages based on inputs of other technical departments.

11.  Supervise climate charging program.


1.      To produce seedlings, both conventional, bearing and industrial tree crops, and distribute them to the public, Govt. organizations, NGOs, CBOs, free of charge to plant them in their environment.

2.      Establish forestry shelterbelts, plantations, roads side and avenue plantings, so as to protect the environment against Desert encroachment, stabilize the soil and enrich top layer for agricultural and other purposes and guard against erosion and the problem of Global warning.

3.      Establishment of parks and Garden in major cities and town of the state for the general public to sit and relax.

4.      Forestry extension and sensitization activities on the importance of tree planting and disadvantages of rampant felling of tree, Agro forestry, Natural trees etc.

5.      Regenerations, communal nurseries, communal woodlots, individual woodlots, schools programme etc. (Environmental Education)

6.      Custodian of all forest reserves, communal forest areas, all the man made forest s and to protect against all forms of encroachment and illegal activities,

7.      Any other work that may be assigned to it by the state government. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING

1.      In charge of flood control and Supervising erosion control

2.      Overseing Engineering aspect of the ministry

3.      Assessment of the extent of reported erosion or flood that occurred in any part of the state.

4.      Design and construction of appropriate measures that will control such phenomena of Erosion and Flood (both urban and river bank flood). Supervision of construction works that the ministry may assign external constructor to undertake.

5.      Designing of resettlement plan for the resettlement of persons or communities that may be considered for resettlement caused by flood or erosion.

6.      Regulation of burrow pits and reclamation of the burrows pits.


1.      Overseeing wild life conservation and Supervising Hadejia wetland game reserve.

2.      Control of all wetland reservation areas.










            The ministry was able to achieve the following:-

  1. Tree planting campaign at Dutse Local Government on 18th August, 2007 at the cost of 1 Million Naira.
  2. Rehabilitated 11 no. Nurseries in December, 2007 in preparation for 2008 general seedlings production at the cost of N2 Million. The cost includes re-fencing of nurseries, water reservoirs rehabilitation, construction of new ones and water reticulation.
  3. Raising 250,000 industrial gum Arabic seedlings, procurement of working materials, maintenance of 2 gum Arabic plantations, rehabilitation of under ground tanks and repairs of utility vehicles at the cost of N3, 500,000.00k. The seedlings production is being carried out in the nurseries at kudai, Ringim, Sule Tankarkar, Kaugama and Dansure.
  4. Raising of 8 Million assorted seedlings at the cost of N21 Million. Activities involve includes amongst others.

I.                   Procurement of polythene bags 5 million pieces.

II.                Procurement of assorted seeds, and  insecticides,

III.             Procurement of 24no. 2 "water pumps and their accessories and other silvicultural operations.

  1. Sensitization tour to 27No. Local Government Councils on prevention of rampant illegal felling of trees. This resulted in some arrest and prosecution of culprits at Gwaram, Birnin Kudu, Hadejia, Yankwashi, and Babura Local Government Areas. The confiscated fire woods at Hadejia was given to the ministry of education science and technology, while that of Babura and Yankwashi were burnt by the Local Government Councils.
  2. Through the collaborative effort of the ministry some federal government and NGO supporting programme have been established
  3. Establishment of 10km of forest shelterbelt at Mele in Maigatari Local Government Area.
  4. Establishment of 5 blocks of woodlot at Muni forest reserve in Babura Local Government Area.

9.      Flood control project at Mai Kainuwa pond, behind emir's palace Hadejia.

10.  Construction of wall fence, behind emir's palace Hadejia, which collapsed due to Mai Kainuwa flood problem.

11.  Flood control project at Karkarna, Yankwashi Local Government.

12.  Construction of retaining wall behind boarding Junior Secondary School Ringim and Vocation Centre Ringim.

13.  Flood control project at Matsaro Primary School, Hadejia.


Contact: Ministry of Environment.

 Old Secretariat Block- 59-60, Dutse

Email: moevi@jigawastate.gov.ng