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The Preamble

Jigawa State Urban Development Board (JSUDB) was established in 1999 vide the Urban and Regional Planning Board law CAP 150 Laws of Jigawa State 1998 from the defunct Ministry of Land and Regional Planning.

The Board has its headquarters in the state capital, Dutse and six Zonal offices. A sister organisation, the Dutse Capital Development Authority (DCDA), takes care of planning and development within a 15-kilomer radius of the state capital, while the JSUDB takes care of 10-kilometer radius of all other major towns and all the local government headquarters in the state.

Structure and Functions of the Board·

To facilitate the proper execution of its functions as provided in the enabling legislation, the Jigawa State Urban Development Board (JSUDB) is structured as follows:

Board of Directors

This is the policy making body of the Board which meets regularly to take vital top level decisions which may be passed directly to the management or to the Honourable Commissioner for appropriate action as the case may be. The board is headed by a chairman who is assisted by other board members appointed by the government. The current 13-member Board is headed by Architect Adamu Tahir.


This is in charge of the day-to-day running of the board and is headed by the Executive Secretary (E.S.) who is the Chief Executive Officer.

The current E.S. Alhaji Garba Isa, was appointed with effect from January 22, 2008 and formally assumed duties on 31sf January 2008. There are 5 departments and 6 Zonal offices.



The five functional departments are Administration and Finance (A & F), Development Control (D.C.), Engineering Services (Eng.S), Land use Planning (LUP) and Research and Design(R & D).


i) Administration and finance

This is the department responsible for all administrative and financial matters of the board such as staff welfare, discipline, promotion and records. They are the custodians of registries and store matters.

Others include the processing and payment of staff salary and allowances and staff claims. The department also process payment of contractual obligations and the collection of all revenues due to the board.


ii} Development Control

This a vital department which ensures that all physical developments particularly in the designated Urban Centre’s in the state are done according to laid down regulations. It also enforces strict compliance with the provisions of approved layout plans to prevent encroachment on Roads or public uses.

It approves building plans for residential, commercial, agricultural and other uses with all the relevant conditions attached. It demolishes illegal structures where approvals may be given by the government based on the board's recommendation. It is headed by Director, Development Control.


iii) Engineering Department

This department handles all engineering activities of the board such as supervision of road contracts, the preparation of technical documents for award of engineering related contracts such designs, bill of quantities etc.

The department also operates and maintain the vehicles, plants and equipments of the board and handles the engineering workshop and the lease of those items when it is considered necessary to entertain such requests. It is headed by Director of Engineering.


iv) Land Use Planning Department

This department handles the recommendation of sites for which Certificates of Occupancy have been applied for. It assess and charge relevant betterment charges for various sites recommended for C of O.

It also embark on site selection for Public and Private land uses. It is headed by Director, Land Use planning.

v)    Research and Design Department

The department is in charge of designing and custody of. layout plans for new towns, town extension or amendment of any existing plan. It process all request for layouts either from the state government or local governments. It ensures that layouts conform to the overall land use plan of the area. It handles all research activities, Master Plans and handles Site and Services Schemes of the board where serviced plots of lands are made available to potential users on cost r e c 0 v e r y bas is. The department keeps a comprehensive record of all approved layouts for guidance of planning activities. It is headed by Director, Research and Design.


Zonal Offices

The board run its activities at the local government level through its existing 6 Zonal offices. The offices are headed by Zonal Secretaries who take routine decisions such as the issuance of building permits and de vel 0 p men t con t r 0 I monitoring on behalfofthe board.

The Zonal offices also coordinate between the local governments in their areas of operation and the board among other functions. The following Zonal offices are currently operational:

·                     Birnin Kudu

·                     Gumel

·                     Hadejia

·                     Kazaure

·                     Ringim

·                     Jahun (new)

CONTACT: Jigawa State Urban Development Board (JSUDB


P.M.B. 7092


Email: udb@jigawastate.gov.ng