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Alternative Energy Agency was established in the year 2001 with sole responsibility of harnessing and exploiting the available Renewable Energy Sources bestowed in the State.

Considering the current power generation problems coupled with the inadequate supply of cooking gas in the country, there must be a concerted effort toward alternative solutions to meet the state’s Energy needs. Therefore, the implementation of Renewable Energy (R.E.) that can be harnessed and exploited as substitute to firewood, kerosene and diesel/other conventional energy sources e.g. fossil fuel.


a)      Provision of solar electricity to hard – reached and disadvantaged villagers/rural location that may not be grid connected in the next 20 years development planning.

b)      Economic empowerment/poverty reduction by providing solar Micro enterprise lock-up shops facilities i.e cottage, extraction of vegetable/groundnut oil, Barbing etc.

c)      Fabrication of new scientific/improved cooking facilities to assist households cooking requirements and to help addressed the clamoring issue of desert encroachment that lead to general Agricultural set back in the state.

d)      Construction of simple tubular plastic Biogas plants (designs) across the state to supplement the use of firewood for cooking purpose and check desertification menace.


1.      The agency was established in the year 2001

2.      With staff strength of 15 skill and 48 casual

3.      With 23 solar model villages project site across the state.

4.      108 Tubular Plastic Biogas Plats across the state 4 in each Local Government area.


1.      (Mohammed Sani Mohd, Executive Secretary)

2.      Biomass Department; (Hassan Haladu Hassan)

3.      Solar Department (Akilu ja’afar Badakaya)

4.      Account Department (Muhammed B. Abdullah)

5.      Admin. Department (Muhammed Mati Sara)


1.      Solar Model Village scheme.

2.      Fabrication of new improve woodstoves.

3.      Construction of Tubular plastic Biogas plant


C/o Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development


Email: alternative@jigawastate.gov.ng