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A dynamic and responsive change agent fully committed to instilling quality in the State’s education development and delivery mechanisms and cultivating excellence in the products of the system, to ensure their quality contribution to national development.


To build and maintain a strong, dynamic and sustainable mechanism for Quality Assurance in educational development and delivery in Jigawa State by mobilizing and empowering appropriate human and technical resources and making a positive difference in the quality of the inputs into the processes and the outcomes of the state’s education system


v Quality assurance agency and watchdog for the education sector in the state:

v Continual improvement of general standard of education through effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation of teaching/learning and learning condition in private and public non formal education, pre-primary, primary, junior and senior secondary schools across the state.

v Pedagogical support to teachers (mentoring) to enhance their capability

v Capacity support to school administrators to improve their managerial skills

v Ensuring that inputs into the education sector are properly utilized and co-ordinate to yield the desired results.

v Production and dissemination of periodic reports based on inspectors’ findings to ensure that schools are accountable to government and to the general public.

v Collection and collation of data on education sector for effective monitoring, evaluation and improvement of the system.


Principal Staff:

1.     Director General :                             Abdullahi Hudu

2.     Deputy Director General:                  Safiya Muhd

Departments: The Unit is newly established and therefore has no fully developed administrative structure

Activities undertake during the period under review:

·        Quality Assurance Inspection  in 187 schools

·        Monitoring Inspection in 985 schools

·        Pedagogical support to teachers and Head teachers during inspection

·        Writing of reports based on inspectors findings /recommendations and dissemination to agencies concerned

·        Monitoring of 2008 SSCE-Qualifying Examinations

·        Monitoring of 2008 and 2009 WASSCE

·        Monitoring of 2008 NECO SSCE

·        Monitoring of Eid-El-kabir Celebration in boarding Schools  

·        Capacity building workshops

·        Developing SEIMU Inspectors Manual

·        Quality Assurance Survey of Instructional Materials

·        Recommendation/proposal to MOEST on deployment of 478 secondary school teachers

·        Monitoring of resumption from holidays to ensure compliance with government directives of resuming on the first day


Outcomes of these activities:

·        Overall improvement in teaching/learning in our schools; through improved attendance of both teachers and students thereby improving the time on task, improved record keeping, cleanliness and feeding arrangement in schools

·        Dissemination of Inspection Report to stakeholders make them better informed about the condition of the schools and the schools more accountable to the stakeholders

·        Monitoring of examination has helped to curb down incidence of malpractice

·         Data collected from schools has helped in decision making

·        Though our proposal for the re-deployment of teachers was not implemented as submitted, it has triggered up series of transfers by the Ministry, STSB and IEB.






Email: seimu@jigawastate.gov.ng