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To allocate and disburse funds to various MDA's with a view to execute government policies, programmes and projects.



To effectively and efficiently have a total control of MDAs' expenditure and ensure that it is in conformity with the laid down guidelines and rules.


The Ministry is a service Organization with the main responsibilities of allocating and disbursing funds to various government Ministries, departments and agencies for routine operations and execution of government programmes, projects and policies. It is also saddled with the responsibility of collecting revenue and harnessing such for optimum dispensation. The Ministry has six (6) departments that carry-out normal operations of allocating and disbursing funds, loans and advances. The departments include-

1.   Accountant General’s office

2.   Administration and Finance

3.   Treasury Operations

4.   Inspection and training

5.   Revenue Mobilization

6.   Debt Management

7.   Final Accounts

Also, the Ministry has a number of Boards/Agencies under its control which equally carry-out services to the citizens of the State; these boards/agencies include the following:-

     I. Board of Internal Revenue

    II. Jigawa State Savings and Loans

   III. Budget and Economic Planning Directorate

 IV.   The office of the Accountant General is also under the Ministry.






Other responsibilities of the Ministry include, but are not limited to, the following:-


1.   Managing all financial resources of the State.

2.   It attends Federation Account allocation meeting on behalf of the    State.

3.   It is responsible for funds disbursement to MDAs' according their budgetary provision.

4.   Responsible for revenue mobilization/generation to meet government commitments in relation to finances.

5.   Supervise the formulation of state budget and budgetary process and ensure compliance of its provisions by MDAs'.


6.   It issues loans to individual civil servants to enable them purchase vehicles/bicycle.

7.   Its supervises Jigawa State Savings and Loans. 




Permanent Secretary: 

Accountant general: HARUNA AHMED AMIN CNA

Director Admin and Finance: Muhammad Ismaila .

Director Treasury Operations: Zubairu Hassan CNA

Director Inspection and Training: Muhammad Babandoki CNA

Director Final Accounts: Muhammad Muhammad D. CNA

Director: Debt Management ABDULLAHI MUHAMMAD CNA

Director Revenue Mobilization: BABANGIDA MUHAMMAD CNA



1.   General Management and Supervision of all Accounting Operations of government.

2.   Issuance of directives to MDAs' on Public Finance .

3.   Advising the Hon. Commissioner on all financial matters


4.   Liaison with relevant federal and other agencies on behalf of State government on financial matters .

5.   The office has been representing the State at federation allocation commission (FAAC) meeting on monthly basis and receives the State Statutory allocation accordingly.

6.   Supervises the activities of 5 other departments of the ministry, i.e. Treasury operation, Inspection, Training, Final Accounts, Debt Management and Revenue mobilization.






A.  Processing of applications for recruitment into the service.

B.  Handling of promotion and Discipline of staff.

C.  Processing for the payment of all utilities bills incurred by the    MDAs'

D.  Custodian of the Ministry records

E.  Handling of all Ministry staff matters.




a.   Management of cash received from the Federation Account and internally generated revenue.

b.   Payment to all MDAs and contractors for the request made on work done.

c.   It coordinates the work of other Departments within the Ministry in matters related to payment of funds.


d.   The department controls the activities of MDAs with regards to Banks/Accounts operation. In other words the Department intervenes where any of the MDAs' has problems with regard to Banks/Accounts.

e.   It regulates the system of payment when the need arises, for instance it is through this department that E-payment is being introduced.




a.   Receiving, checking and processing of all capital payments vouchers forwarded from MDAs.

b.   Maintenance of Departmental vote books.

c.   Periodic Inspection of financial records maintained by MDAs.

d.   Organizing training of all Accounting staff.










a.   Collection of monthly returns from MDAs.

b.   Preparation of periodic financial statements and annual accounts.

c.   Overseeing of all financial records and books of accounts, documentations and internal control of  World Bank assisted projects (PFMU)




a.   Maintains a reliable database of all loans or guarantees by the State Government or any of its agencies.

b.   Prepares and submits to State Government a forecast of loan service obligations for each financial year.

c.   Prepares and implements a plan for the efficient management of the state external and domestic debt obligations at sustainable levels compatible with desired economic activities for growth and development and participates in negotiations aimed at realizing these objectives.

d.   Verifies and reconciles external debts service guaranteed or directly taken by the State Government with the Federal Debt Management office (DMO).

e.   Verifies and services domestic debts, guaranteed or directly taken by the State Government, with the Accountant General.

f.    On an agency basis, service domestic debts taken by Local Governments and any of their agencies, where such debts are guaranteed by the State Government.


g.   Advises the State Government on the re-structuring and re-financing of all debt obligations.

h.   Advises the Debt Management Committee (DMC) on the terms and conditions on which monies are to be borrowed.

i.     Submits to the State Government, for consideration in the annual budget, a forecast of borrowing capacity in Local and foreign currencies.

j.     Prepares a schedule of any other State Government obligations such as contingent liabilities, both explicit and implicit, and provides advice on policies and procedures for their management.


k.   Establishes and maintains tripartite copies of relationships between the State, /Donor Agencies, and the DMO.

l.     Collects, collates, and disseminates information, data and forecasts on debt management with the approval of the DMC.

m. Carries out such other functions, which may be delegated to it by the Commissioner or by the Act of the State Assembly.

n.   Performs such other functions which in the opinion of the Department are required for the effective implementation of its functions.



A.  To collect all Revenue that is due to government from MDAs

B.  To collect monthly returns in respect of Revenue from MDAs and record it in different registers.

C.  Make a follow-up to defaulting MDAs in relation to revenue returns.

D.    Maintaining and recording all figures for the FAAC meeting on monthly basis.

E.    Works hand in hand with officials of the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Commission to give them information/Data in relation to revenue.

F.  Liaison with State Board of Internal Revenue and Department of Final Accounts of the Ministry.




P.M.B 7014, DUTSE.

Email: mofep@jigawastate.gov.ng

AG: ofsag@jigawastate.gov.ng