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When Jigawa was created in 1991, the new state inherited only one higher Institution of learning from the former Kano State, which was the present College of education Gumel. Considering the status of higher Education as at that time and the yearning demand for it, the Jigawa State Polytechnic was established by the then Military Administration in December 1991, so as to augment the effort of the State College of Education in the training of manpower for the state and the country in the drive towards Technology, Agricultural, Commercial, Social and Scientific advancement.


The Polytechnic was named Jigawa State Polytechnic by an Edict No. 1 of December, 1991 as a multi-campus with a spread across the state. The College of Business and Management Studies been sited at the State capital at the former Vocational Training Centre along Kiyawa road in Dutse.


The Objective of the College is to provide courses of instruction, training and research in Management, Administration and Commerce. The College started in Academic activities with some few Diploma and Certificate programme but presently. A total of 22 programmes ranging from Higher National Diploma to Certificate programmes.


After the taking over the of the then Hussaini Adamu Polytechnic Kazaure Campus by the Federal Government and its subsequent conversion to Hussaini Adamu Federal polytechnic in April 2007, the Polytechnic was then left with College of Business and Management Studies, a situation that falls short with the NBTE Criteria for accreditation. That the Institution must have 70% of its courses in Science and Technology while the remaining 30% be in any Management Sciences.


Within some few months of its coming into office, the Lamido led administration signed into law for the establishment of Jigawa State Polytechnic and approved the construction and equiping of the new College of Science and Technology to augments CBMS up 70% component of a Polytechnic.



1.    Prof. Garba Uba Goje                  -                  Rector

2.    Sadisu Buhari Babura                   -                  Registrar

3.    Tijjani M. Jabo                           -                  Ag. Director CBMS

4.    Isa Sani Garki                            -                  Ag. Sit-In Director CST

5.    Saleh Muhammad                        -                  Accountant/Ag. Bausar

6.    Umar Muhammed Kila                 -                  Ag. Head of Works

7.    Baba Ibrahim Ringim                  -                  Ag. Deputy Registrar (Estab)



The State Polytechnic is to provide the middle level manpower for both Technical and Management personnel of the State. Jigawa State Polytechnic has the mandate to provide the middle level manpower of both Technical and Management Personnel for the State. Its Mission is to provide courses of instruction, training and research in management, administration, science and technology leading to the award of National Diploma etc.



The Existing Institutions under the Polytechnic are College of Business and Management Studies and College of Science and Technology which is cited at the State Capital Dutse.



1.   College of Business and Management studies

A.   Department of Accountancy

i.)       HND Accountancy (Full/Part-Time)

ii.)      ND Accountancy (Full-Time)

iii.)     Advanced Diploma in Public Accounting & Audit (Full/Part-Time)

iv.)     Diploma in Public Accounting & Audit (Full/Part-Time)

v.)      Certificate in public Accounting & Audit (Full/Part-Time)

B.   Department of Business Administration

i.)       HND Business Administration & Management

ii.)      ND Business Administration & Management

iii.) Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

iv.) Diploma in Purchasing & Supply

C.               Department of Public Administration

i.)       HND Public Administration (Full/Part-Time)

ii.)      ND Public Administration

iii.)     Advance Diploma in Public Administration (Full/Part-Time)

iv.)     Diploma in Public Administration (Full/Part-Time)

D.   Department of Local Government Studies

i.)       Diploma in Local Govt. Administration

ii.)      Advance Diploma in Local Govt. Administration

E.   Department of Social Administration

i.)       Higher Diploma in Social Development (Part-Time)

ii.)      Diploma in Social Administration

iii.)     Diploma in Crime Management & Control

F.    Department of Office Technology and Management

i.)       Diploma in Office Technology and Management

ii.)      Confidential Secretary IV Course

G.   Department of General Studies

i.)       Pre-JAMB in Accountancy

ii.)      Pre-JAMB in Business Administration

iii.)     Pre-JAMB in Public Administration


2.   College of Science & Technology

A.   Department of Statistics

i.)    ND Statistics

B.   Department of Computer Science

i.)    ND Computer Science (In View)

C.    Department of Science Lab. Technology

i.)       ND Science Lab. Technology. (In view)

D.   Department of General Studies

i.)       Pre-JAMB in Science

ii.)      Remedial Science



  1. Constructions of the following:

i.             Computer Laboratory

ii.            Chemistry Laboratory

iii.           Biology Laboratory

iv.           Physics Laboratory

v.            10 No’s Staff Offices

  1. Procurement of the following:

i.     Chemistry Lab Equipments

ii.    Biology Lab Equipments

iii.   Physics Lab Equipment 

iv.   Set of Computers and Its Accessories

  1. Furnishing of all the Laboratories



  1. Construction and furnishing of lecture theatre (On going)
  2. Construction of overhead tank, under ground Tank and water reticulations (Completed)
  3. Constructions of 2 Bloacks of VIP Latrine (Completed)
  4. Construction of 40 rooms one storey building Male Students Hostel (On-going)
  5. Construction of 32 rooms One Storey Building Female Students Hostel On-going)
  6. Procurement of 300 No. Classroom Chairs (completed)
  7. Procurement of office Furniture and examination materials (Completed)
  8. Renovation of Lecture Halls (completed)



  1. College of Business and Management Studies

i)             ND Cooperative Studies

ii)            ND Purchasing & Supply

iii)          ND Marketing

iv)          ND Insurance

v)            ND Banking & Finance

vi)          ND Local Government Administration

  1. College of Science and Technology

i)             ND Electrical Engineering

ii)            ND Mechanical Engineering

iii)          ND Civil Engineering

iv)          ND Building Engineering

v)            ND Carpentry and Joinery

vi)          ND Fashion & Design

vii)         ND Catering and Hotel Management

viii)        ND Welding & Fabrication


Contact information:     Jigawa State Polytechnic

P.M.B. 7040, Kiyawa Road., Dutse.

Email: spoly@jigawastate.gov.ng