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The Local Government was established in 1991 out of Ringim Local Government, sequel to that year’s famous nationwide creation of additional Local Governments, Taura Town is the headquarters of the Local Government. The Local Government Area is boarded by Ringim Local Government to the West, North by Garki and Gagarawa Local Government to the East by Kaugama, while to the South by Miga and Jahun Local Government areas. The Local Government Headquarter is located in the Chad basin within low lands about 400 meters above sea level.


The Climate of the Local Government is influenced by Sahara desert, and the rainy season begin from May and ends by September or early October. The Local Government is dominated by Hausa and Fulani tribes who are predominately Muslim by religion. The major occupation is Farming, even though the people also partake in trading activities. However, other tribes from other parts of Nigeria are residing and co-existing peacefully with the host community. The people of the Local Government are generally peaceful, industrious and friendly.

In terms of traditional institution structure, Taura town as the Local Government Headquarter has Dan Isan Ringim as the District Head while Kwalam, Majia and Gujungu Districts are having Marafa of Ringim, Katika of Ringim and Danmadami of Ringim as their District Heads respectively.

Organizational structure

The Local Government has 7 Departments headed by qualified personnel assisted by deputies and other staffs with the Executive Chairman as Council head.


Contact: Taura local Government, Taura,

Jigawa state.


Email: taura@jigawastate.gov.ng