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Kafin Hausa Local Government was created in the year 1979 during the Military Administration of General Murtala Mohammad in the former Kano State.

Its population is presently Two hundred and sixty seven thousands, two hundred and twenty eight (267, 228) as per the 2006 population census. The Local Government shares a common border with the Local Government areas of Bauchi State on the Southern part, Kirikassamma Local Government on the East and Auyo Local Government on the North, while on the west it shares a common border with Miga Local Government.

The Local Government has two State House Constituencies namely Kafin Hausa and Bulangu, with eleven (11) Political Wards, while it comprises of eight Districts as Follows: Kafin Hausa, Bulangu, Kwatalo, Sarawa, jabo, D/Toka, D /Kyaure and Ruba. These Districts in totality has 65 Village Heads. Majority of the people are predominantly Hausa, Fulani and few of Kanuri as Minority, and over 90% are Muslims. Their main occupation is farming.

The area is blessed with both human and natural resources, such as ponds, streams, Rivers and large areas conducive for rearing of animals.


Kafin Hausa Local Government is a rural area which is developing rapidly, considering the introduction of so many facilities and programs aimed at total eradication of Health Hazards and improving thesocio economic standard. The birth rate is increasing while mortality rate is decreasing. The Local Government on its part is doing its best in the promotion of gender equality, with the establishment of Women Acquisition Skills Centers, Blind Centers, Computer Centers and Mass Literacy Services i.e. through purchase of necessary working materials such as sewing machines and materials, making of pomades, and disabled skill acquisition materials, as well as food nutrition activities.








The economy of Kafin Hausa Local Government area depends largely on statutory allocation received as monthly grants from the Federal Government; this is due to minimal level of the internally generated revenue. The internally generated revenue is collected on market days which exist in some big towns of the Local Government such as Kafin Hausa, Bulangu, Ruba, Kwatalo, Jabo etc. The markets usually record a high number of buyers and sellers from all nooks and corners of the Local Government, and neighboring States i.e. Kano, Yobe and Bauchi states.



1.     Gum Arabic

2.     Economic trees

3.     Fish ponds




Contact: Kafin Hausa Local Government Council

Kafin Hausa, Jigawa State


Email: khausa@jigawastate.gov.ng