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To ensure and also maintain a viable, efficient and effective road transport system in the State.



        I.            To Construct and Maintain of Government Infrastructure (e.g Roads, Asphalt Concrete Overlay and Buildings across the State.

     II.            Supply, Installation and Maintenance of both Mechanical and Electrical Machines and Tools requirements by Agencies of the State.

   III.            Providing professional Advice on newly acquired machinery, sets  equipments and Tools.






2.       Director Admin & Finance: Mohd. Sani Dauda

3.       Director Mechanical & Electrical: Engr. A.A. Babura

4.       Director Building: Abdullahi M. Wakili

5.      Director Civil Engineering: Datti Ahmed

6.       Director Planning Research/Statistics: Alhaji Abdullahi Hassan

7.       Director Road Traffic: Alhaji Suleman S. Kazaure

8.       Director Account: Alhaji Sani Garba Kiri

9.       Director Fire Services: Alhaji Nasiru Yusuf




Building Department is one of the functional components of the State Ministry of Works and Transport. It has been in existence since the creation of the State in August, 1991.


This Department comprises of professionals on  Building and Construction Industries especially Architects, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, Estate Surveyors, Technicians, Craftsmen, Attendants and Laborers.


The main function of the Department is to represent the state government in the actualization of its Building Construction and Maintenance Programmes.

The main services offered are:


1.      Feasibility studies/report of Government Building Project Proposals.

2.      Architectural works

3.      Quantity surveying

4.      Building production management

5.      General maintenance of Public Buildings

6.      Estate management

7.      Office consultancy services to State Government Agencies and Local Governments

8.     Training of Technicians and Craftsmen.



Responsibilities undertaken by the Department since the creation of the state in the year 1991 to date also include the following.


        I.            General repairs, renovation and furnishing of Government buildings

     II.            Construction of 1060 No Junior Staff Houses

   III.            Construction of 95 NO intermediate Staff Houses

  IV.            Construction of Government Guest House.

     V.            Extension of Commissioner's Lodge.

  VI.            Construction of New Government House.

VII.            Governor's/Deputy Governor's Lodge at Abuja

VIII.            13 numbers Commissioner’s residence

  IX.            3 Star Hotel

     X.            Senior staff Houses

  XI.            Modern Abattoir

XII.            Legislative House

XIII.            General renovation of Old Secretariat.

XIV.            Office Extension

XV.            Up grading of warehouse  




The Mechanical/Electrical Department of the Ministry of Works & Transport is responsible for the under listed operations.


        I.            Light and Heavy Vehicle maintenance.

     II.            Street Light Construction and maintenance in Emirate Head Quarters.

   III.            Electrical maintenance in Public Buildings i.e. Old and New Secretariat, House of Assembly Complex, Government House, Cabinet Office etc.

  IV.            Supervision of Capital Projects (Electricity Supply)


     V.            Design and Costing of Electrical Works in Building Construction in including A/C and refrigeration.


  VI.            Purchase/Installation assessing vehicles, Generating Sets and Earth moving plants and equipment for Government agencies.

VII.            Departmental Trade Test for Mechanical/Electrical Craftsmen.







        I.            Articulating objectives and set targets for the Ministry with focus on monitoring and evaluation activities.

     II.            Articulating modalities for the implementation of new system introduced to ensure effectiveness in the Ministry.

   III.            Assisting in removing the major weaknesses in the management and operational systems in the Ministry.

  IV.            Coordinating progress reports from other departments and keeping custody of same

     V.            It serves as ministerial budget secretariat there by working in collaboration with other departments for immediate and long term plans for development.

  VI.            It also serves as secretariat for budget ministerial tender board.

VII.            It operates as a special department in rendering extra ministerial function.

VIII.            It coordinates with relevant organization and institution on matters related to planning, research, statistics and data management particularly by the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning.

  IX.            The department has standard soil material testing laboratory that take care of both Government and Private organizations that are involved in engineering construction as well as agricultural research.




This Department is responsible for the design, Construction and Supervision of Roads, Bridges and Major Culverts in the state. It also provides technical assistance to Local Governments, Ministries and other Government agencies while conducting Trade Tests to Craftsmen


The Department has executed a number of Rehabilitation works through direct labour. Execution of works by direct labor not only creates savings on the construction cost but also refreshes the knowledge of our Engineers, Technicians and Craftsmen to meet up with the challenges of modern technology.


Civil Engineering Department has undertaken some Rehabilitation work and successfully executed by direct labor such as.


           I.            Construction of Four (4) Cells Ring Culvert, Rehabilitation of washed away portion and stone pitching along Karnaya - Yargaba road at the cost of N2,670,000.00

        II.            Rehabilitation of and Embankment Armco and Box Culvert at Kofar YanU11a Kazaure at the cost of N3, 157,800.00.


      III.            Rehabilitation of Embankment and repairs of the Bridge at Kanti, Kazaure at the cost of N2, 821,000.00.


The most important activity carried out by this department is the Survey, design, Portholes analyses and production of Tender Documents for Eleven (11) proposed road construction at the cost of N29, 859,000.00 as against N289, 729,189.28 as proposed by consultants. This indicates a saving of N259, 870,189.28 to the Government.


The Department was also involved in bidding process and evaluation exercise of bids for the proposed roads in conjunction with the department of planning and research. This is the first of its kind since the creation of the state in 1991. The bid opening and indeed the whole tender procedures were commended by the representatives of the bidders as well conducted and in compliance with Due Process guidelines.





        I.            Road Traffic Services is to bring about safety of lives and properties on our roads and highways

     II.            This safety implies inspection of vehicles of all categories such as Commercial, Private, and Government for all purposes of Road worthiness.

   III.            Issuance of Driving License to all applicants wishing to obtain Driving License of any category.


       I.            FUNCTIONS

     II.            To reduce road traffic accident on our roads and highways through training and re­training of Drivers of all categories.


   III.            Establishment of functional Driving School in the Three (3) Senatorial Districts in the State.


  IV.            To provide and install weight- Bridge at strategic places to assist in accessing excess loads thereby protecting the large investment on Nigerian highways and reducing high level of accidents on the other hand.


  1. VEHICLE 1N SPECTION:- More than 8460 vehicles were inspected.


  1. ACCIDENT: - Over forty -Eight (48) cases of road accidents were  reported by the police, and about Eight (8) cases  fatal while the rest were minor accidents.


  1. DRIVING TEST:- About Six Hundred (600) candidates applied for new driving license and were tested, only about Four Hundred (400) were found to be suitable to drive while the rest failed.
  2. CERTIFICATE OF ROAD WORTHINESS:- Over ninety Six (96) Vehicles reported for issuance of Certificate of Road Worthiness and only 82 were found to have passed while the rest were sent for repairs.


In order to address road accidents in Jigawa Governor Sule Lamido inaugurated Six (6) member Committee with the responsibility of identifying modalities to reduce drastic cases of road accidents caused by over loading of vehicle on our roads and highways.

The committee members are



·         Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor - Chairman

·         Police Commissioner: Member

·         Director State Security Service: Member

·         FRSC Sector Commandant: Member


·         Director Road Traffic (M.O.W.S&T): Member

·         State Chairman (N.U.R.T.W.) : Member


All the recommendations made by the six member committee were accepted, as a result road traffic accident have drastically reduced across the state by about 40%.











The .Jigawa State Fire Service Directorate has Six Stations across the state.


The Directorate has success fully attended to various fire incidents, Rescue Operations and Special Services in the state.




It was in 1998 when Federal Military Government promulgated a decree establishing the Federal Urban Mass Transit programme (FUMTP) and all States of the Federation were directed to establish their own Urban Mass Transit programs. This was what gave birth to the establishment of Jigawa Transport Authority.

On creation of Jigawa State in 1991 the Jigawa State Transport Authority was established and code named "JIGAWA LlNE". On inception of the Sule Lamido administration in May, 2007, the Jigawa Transport Authority was rescued from total collapse and 33NO 14 seater buses were purchased for inter and intra state route. This time it was code named "JIGAWA SUNRISE”.

The present Administration restored the right of occupancy of the Jigawa Sunrise premises along Huguma and released the sum of #1,558,000.00 as Compensation for the land .

The Lamido Administration approved the procurement of 590 Unit of Tricycles/Mini Car for Mass Transit through Public Private Partnership (PPP) across the state with specific emphasis on separate services for women (Women Vision). The Government also approved the establishment of the Mini Car/Tricycle assembly plant for the Nigerian Market at the Maigatari Export Free Zone.

The Government also trained more than 200 stakeholders drown from both N.U.R.T.W and OKADA RIDERS in the state in order to be comfortable and known how to use it and maintain it.





P.M.B. 7023, DUTSE

EMAIL: mowst@jigawastate.gov.ng