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The tourism sector has remained largely unexplored despite its vast potentials to make substantial contribution to economic and social development. Natural tourists attractions and potential sites for the development of resorts abound in the State.

They are as follows;


       I.       Baturiya Bird Sanctuary is located in Kiri Kasmma Local Government area and covers an area of 320 sq km with a buffer zone of a half kilo meter surrounding it which provides a natural habitat of 378 species of migratory birds from places as far as Europe and Australia. This site has been visited by Prince Philip and Prince Charles who are members of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

    II.       Wawan Rafi situated in Kazaure is a site for holiday resort, golf course and other recreational facilities.

 III.       Range of Quasite Rocks located at Amaryawa in Roni Local Government area could be developed for mountaineering and as a picnic resort centre.

IV.       Ruined unknown town in Gwaram Local Government Area, stone-wall and houses are still existing

   V.       Emir Palaces located at Hadejia; Kazure, Gumel, Ringirn and Dutse. The structures are a combination of indigenous and modern architecture.

VI.       Captain Philips tomb at Hadejia who led the battle between the British soldiers and the people of Hadejia in 1906.

VII.       Sallah festivals is normally celebrated to mark the annual Eid-el-Fitr, Eid-el Kabir and Maulud. These festivals are marked by colorful parade of gaily-dressed horse riders, and camels, displaying various performances.

VIII.       Fulani-Sharo an annual performance by the fulanis

IX.       wrestling, boxing and many other arts.

   X.       Market days in places like Gujungu, Maigatari, Hadejia, Furji, Kazaure, Gada, Babura, Sara, Shuwarin etc. Each market has a particular day of gathering where thousands of people gather selling and buying commodities.

XI.            Rock paintings at B/Kudu s a site of interest.

XII.            Range of granites rock at Kila, in Gwaram Local Government Area could be developed for tourism.